K-9s have new protection

A group of anonymous donors have ponied up money to add a layer of protection for Shelby’s four-legged officers. Shelby Police Department K-9s now have ballistic tactical vests (also known as bulletproof vests) to wear when they are on the front lines with their human counterparts. “These were bought in...Read more

Local EMTs to begin wearing Ballistic Vests

The Central Oneida County Volunteer Ambulance Corps has purchased 10 of the vests for their emergency medical technicians to wear to high-risk calls. UTICA – Five years ago, Steven Dziura would have described outfitting emergency medical services agencies with ballistic vests as a “crazy thought.” But for Dziura, the chief...Read more

Nanotubes make Kevlar armour smarter

  Chinese scientists have used conducting carbon nanotubes and impact-responsive polymers to create a smart Kevlar composite with enhanced ballistic and stab resistance. Body armour made from this material could sense the force and location of impacts, and detect when it has been pierced.1 Flexible, lightweight and durable, Kevlar has...Read more

Body Armor Protection Levels

Throughout the centuries, soldiers and warriors have looked for better and better ways to fend off attacks and keep themselves safe from deadly weapons. From knights in shining armor to Japanese Shogun warriors, personal protection has always been a priority for those going into battle. Leather, chainmail and steel were...Read more

K-9 bullet proof vest stolen

  BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) – Buffalo Police believe someone walked away with a K-9’s bullet proof vest and emergency medical bag after they performed a K-9 demonstration at Cazenovia Park today.  Read moreRead more

Army Unveils Lightweight, Scalable Body Armor

The average Generation II Improved Outer Tactical Vest weighs about 26 pounds. But the new “Torso and Extremity Protection System” or TEP, under development now at Program Executive Office Soldier, sheds about five pounds of weight and also adds a wide degree of scalability that commanders can make use of...Read more